lunes, 30 de marzo de 2009

New stores in Switzerland, Czech Republic and Lousiana

We have a new customer in Switzerland, the first store to sell Malabrigo in that country, so if you live there or just visit the country and visit the store please say hello from us!

The store is Wollmobil, in Muhen, this is the store phone number 4179-3797626 and, this is, as Barbara said, the store real owner:

If you happen to live (or travel) in Central Europe don’t forget to visit also Fashion Martina, in Prague (or as they say, Praha) she carries a lot of Malabrigo.

And of course, we always have new accounts in the US, we recently added two stores in Louisiana:

Yarn Nook
321 Oil Center Drive
Lafayette, LA 70503


The Vermilion Bay Yarn Company
102 Lighthouse Pointe Circle
Youngsville, LA 70592
337-857-9255 / 337 216 4564

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