miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010


Working in a new color.

cumparsita_testWe needed a rouge red and dark grey so we decided  took inspiration on Tango music, because is a tipical color used by the Tango dancer, here in the Rio de la Plata. We named Cumparsita as the most popular song written by Matos Rodriguez an Uruguayan musician.

At the picture, you have some differents test colors.

If you will knit it, may be you can do it, to the sound of La Cumparsita.


You can listen the music here on Wikipedia

7 comentarios:

  1. I LOVE that intense red!!! Can't wait to see what colorways develop from it!

  2. SO beautiful!! I love the color so much!!!

  3. Wonderful colors!!!

  4. [...] favorites - Lettuce, Purple Mystery, Indecita and Glazed Carrot - and some new colors, too, like Cumparsita and Candombe! You should always be able to find the perfect Rios to match your [...]

  5. Wow, fantastic - we will have to add this color to the range of colors we have at the shop and on the website. Looks like malabrigo yarn has done it again!


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