viernes, 30 de julio de 2010

Sheep Week - Giveaway Winner!

Goodbye, Los Manantiales -- it was good to explore your grassy pastures, stone steps and walkways, and fruit trees! We had a wonderful time!

[caption id="attachment_533" align="aligncenter" width="456" caption="photo by Ignacio Abella"]photo by Ignacio Abella[/caption]

And now, the two great rams will choose the giveaway winner! The winner will receive, by mail:

1 skein of Silky Merino in Celeste

1 skein of Silky Merino in Helechos

2 skeins of Silky Merino in Tatami

1 skein of Worsted Merino in Natural

2 skeins of Rios in Coco

1 skein of Gruesa in Natural (Gruesa is Corriedale! We felt we needed to represent the other sheep here in Uruguay a little, too!)

Congratulations to Glockeroo for winning this great prize! Thank you for your sweet comments, everyone -- it has been a great Sheep Week! Glockeroo, we'll contact you for your mailing address.

Chau, Hannah

5 comentarios:

  1. Congrats Glockeroo!!!
    I love this picture of the 2 rams!

  2. *thud*

    Give those rams a big sloppy kiss for me!! :)

  3. Love this pic of the Rams with the big twisty horns!!

    Congrats Glockeroo!!

  4. Wow - what a great prize package! Congrats to Glokeroo! I hope that she shares photos of the yarn and her projects in the Rav forums.

  5. Congrats glokeroo! What a lovely prize...Hannah, I really enjoyed the blog all this week, thanks!