lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2010

Keeping Kiddos Toasty Warm

Kids need fun, functional knitwear for the Fall and Winter -- it has to be comfortable, washable, durable, and colorful. What better yarn can you think of that suits these purposes than our superwash merino in two weights -- Sock and our worsted-weight Rios?

I did a quick pattern search and came up with lots of fun, kid-friendly options that you could knit up in your favorite colorways. And with 25 colors of Rios and 32 colors of Sock, you've got a lot of colorways to choose from!

Great for Rios (try the felted projects in Merino Worsted!):

Rios-Weight Kids Projects

Neighborly by Jennifer Casa; On The Go-Veralls by Heidi Lehman; Granville by La Drougerie, project by Minelsa on Ravelry; Orly the Owl by Brooke & Beth; Felted Mittens by Molli Hartel; Harry Potter Scarf by Tangle

Good for Sock:

Sock-Weight Kids Projects

Cricket Pullover by Umme Yusuf, project by Snoozeecow on Ravelry ; Tjorven by Thorvalda; XO Mitts by Joanne Jongsma; Le Cardigan by Drougerie, project by Melanie-Math on Ravelry; Child's Button-Up Socks by Sara Morris; Holly, Ivy and Steve Three Christmas Ornaments by Rebecca Danger

Chau, Hannah

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