viernes, 4 de junio de 2010

Weekly Color Feature - Turquoise and Deco Green

Water Green, Mint, and Continental Mosaic

1. Cool Balloons Underwater, 2. sea green, 3. day 16-treasures, 4. making a thing of beauty without too much thought about what it means, 5. DollQuiltFront, 6. The Blue "Pondering Life's Mysteries" Chair, 7. Hickory Horned Devil (caterpillar), 8. Hilarious Damsfly

Feeling inspired?

Try worsted in Water Green, Continental, Mint or Taureg

Water Green, Continental, Mint, Taureg

Ankara Green, Teal Feather, Spring Water

Or try Silky Malabrigo in Ankara Green, Teal Feather or Spring Water!

Chau, Hannah

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  1. This post is killing me. All my favourite colours in one place! (Just needs some purple and it would be complete!) Totally droolworthy

  2. Thanks for the info